Little Red Riding Hood vs. The Big Bad Wolf

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Just a sketch I was working on… Little Red Riding Hood vs. The Big Bad Wolf


Final Cover for the Dead West Anthology!!!

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I’m excited to say that all 13 illustrations for “Dead West: 13 Tales of Murder and Mayhem” are completed and looking great AND the final version of the cover has come in!  So without futher hesitation, here is the final cover featuring my artwork for the Dead West Anthology!

Here is the “raw” drawing without the color effects:

I believe the scheduled release date is set for late 2010, be sure to check for pre-order soon, as well as other projects of mine!  Once we get closer to the Dead West release date we’ll release a couple of the interior illustrations (which, not gonna lie, are pretty damned good) to promote the book AND i’ll be posting my favorite illustration, and the concepts that developed it, as an artist’s blog exclusive, so stay tuned!!!

Dead West: the Evolution of an Anthology Cover

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With the release of the horror anthology “Dead West: 13 Tales of Murder and Mayhem” fast approaching, I’m really excited to leak some concept art for the book!  For “Dead West” I am drawing 13 interior illustrations as well as the cover.  I’m very proud of the illustrations I’ve completed thus far, as they all have a very cohesive flow and style to them which will tie together all the stories in the book.  I wasn’t originally slated to draw a cover, we were going to go with a computerized illustration/graphic design, but there was a change of plans and we decided to have me draw the cover as well to tie the whole book together.  While I cannot give you a peak at any of the interior illustrations, here is a look at the evolution of my concept art leading up to the next-to-final draft.

When Scott from Bandersnatch Books and I talked about the cover I sketched up 4 different concepts to see which one/ones he liked better.  He liked the “cowboy skeleton” in the upper left hand corner and also the “dead man’s hand” poker in the bottom left corner.

Scott felt the cowboy skeleton was too close to the original cover that got scrapped, but wondered if maybe I could incorporate the 2 he liked together into some sort of a “skeletons playing poker” picture.  So I came up with this:

I showed it to Scott and he said it was exactly what he had in mind.  So my next step was then to polish this up and come up with a “next-to-final draft” before I actually begin the final drawing of the cover.  I wanted a way to “frame” the picture since it will obviously be hand-drawn and I don’t have a way to “fade” anything into the background.  If you have seen the signature sheets you’ll remember the barbed wire I used; wooden planks play a key role in the interior illustration’s design, so I put those elements together and came up with this next-to-final draft:

So what do you think?!?  I need to shift the 3 skeletons to the left a bit to better center the piece, and I also need to work with shadows and folds to get some black contrast in there, but overall I’m happy with it!  I think the “first person” view gives the reader the illusion of being PART of the story conveyed through the cover, and it is ambiguous enough to allow for the vast variety of stories included within the anthology, yet lets the reader know right off the bat that this is a Western Horror  collection and you “grasp” the idea for the feel of the rest of the book through the cover!

Anyway, check out Bandersnatches website for more on “Dead West” as well as “The People on the Island” (for which I also provide an interior illustration) and keep checking back for pre-order information!

My First Published Illustration! “The People on the Island”

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I think this is perhaps going to be the highlight of my blog as I’m proud to plug what will soon be my first official published illustration!  As some of you may know, I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking team of horror and genre writers, artists, editors and designers that make up Bandersnatch Books.  “Alternative though, alternative fiction” is our tag-line.  I’m not only blessed to be a part of their team, but blessed with their friendship as well.

“The People on the Island” will be the first official release from the new & impoved Bandersnatch Books.  The author, T.M. Wright, has been in the business for over 40 years.  His resume is extensive, but has been reviewed by Fangoria magazine and even Stephen King, quite arguably the MASTER author of horror, said “T.M. Wright is a rare and blazing talent”.  The synopsis of “The People on the Island” is as follows:

George and Elizabeth live alone on an island surrounded by the dead.  Someone or something rearranges the bodies into different positions and try as they might, can never catch whatever it is in the act. Perhaps it’s the wind, or maybe it’s the dog-like creature they hear at night.  One thing seems certain, they’re not alone anymore…

To say it is an honor to illustrate Mr. Wright’s work is a gross understatement and I am still shaking my head in disbelief wondering if this is just a dream from which I will soon awake.  I did a lot of concept work for both the illustration and the cover and both final products are fantastic!  I’m simply an illustrator… I don’t know the first thing about graphic design or digital art, but thank Galileo someone on the Bandersnatch Team, Jeremiah Saint, does and was able to produce an ominous yet elegant cover (for more on Jeremiah Saint  When the reader opens the book to begin reading the story they will first be greeted by my disturbing and creepy illustration.  So, without further adieu, here is the illustration!

For those of you interested, here is the concept art (from most recent to initial sketches) that lead up to the final illustration:

For more information on Bandersnatch Books check out and check back to the website for pre-order information (coming soon).  And a huge heart-felt thank you to Scott Colbert, Andrew Wolter, Daniel I. Russell, and Kody Boyle for allowing me to be a part of their team!


I’m not bad… I just draw that way!!!

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So, I’m pretty much a social networking site whore.  Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Formspring… I don’t care, I put out haha.  A few months ago the “thing” to do on Facebook was change your profile picture to a “Disney” character you like best/most represents you for “Disney Month”.  Well, as you may probably know by now I have a thing for busty women and Jessica Rabbit is HANDS DOWN my favorite cartoon character ever!  If I ever see a piece of Jessica Rabbit merchadise I snatch it up!  So it seemed only fitting that I change my picture on Facebook to her! (now, I know some of you will say “but she’s not Disney!”… but YES, she’s HALF Disney -which is also why its tough to find JR merchandise because Disney and WB fight over the rights. Anyway, I digress…)  I found a great classic picture of her aiming a gun at the viewer with her famous line “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” that was too good to pass up!  Plus I do relate to her in that fact that I am often pre-judged on my outward appearance. 

Matthew, a nice cutie from my home town of Mason City messaged me and told me how much he, too, liked Jessica Rabbit and if I would draw him a picture of her!  I was flattered and excited to draw her, so of course I said yes!  Unfortunately, this was around the same time I started illustrating for Bandersnatch Books so I got busy and didn’t get started on it for quite some time. 

Well, I finally made good on my promise and drew him a KICK-ASS Jessica Rabbit pin-up!  I sent it to him to make sure he got the first look at it and asked if he would care if I posted it to my blog.  So, low and behold:

Speaking of Bandersnatch Books, head over to their website:  They posted news about what will be my first “official” release!  I drew an illustration for T.M. Wright’s “The People on the Island”.  It is a HUGE honor for me to illustrate such a talented and legendary horror author like Mr. Wright’s work.  So please, go check it out and see a sneak peak of my drawing!  I’ll double check with Scott to be sure it’s okay, but I’ll post the illustration here as well in the near future!!!


Dead West update (and a Wonder Woman rant)

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Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment to share an update on my illustrations for “Dead West”! I have 6 of the 13 completed and I’m quite pleased with them!  They all have a flow and consistency that will fit nicely into the book!  So far I have completed the illustrations for the stories by such talented authors as Rick Hautala, Daniel I Russell, Matthew Pizzolato, Hunter Lambright, Steve Vernon, and Martel Sardina!  I can’t wait for Scott to start releasing some of the illustrations when it’s time to begin promotions! In the mean time, I drew up a little “teaser” art!  Check it out!!!

Now, on to something more personal….

DC Comics, what the #%@* did you do to my Wonder Woman?!?! Seriously! J. Michael Straczynski and Jim Lee can licky my balls!  The only word that can describe her new “make-over” is TRAVESTY (actually, I can think of A LOT of words to describe it)! For those of you who don’t know, Wonder Woman has hit a milestone in her comic book series… Issue 600.  To “celebrate” DC comics apparently thought it’d be a good idea to change her costume, change her history, change her origin, and RUIN an icon.  In fact, I have to stop typing now because I feel anger and rage boiling up in my veins and I’m about ready to say some pretty nasty stuff and I want to keep this blog family friendly (well, as family friendly as I get at least).  Check out the bullsh*t below

The People on the Island and the Land of OZ

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Why does it seem I start out every blog post with an apology? I recently told someone “you apologize too much” and here I go doing the same thing! But I feel it’s true, I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a very VERY long time. I know I don’t exactly have any “fans” or followers of my work yet so to speak, but nevertheless (*random note: I love the work “nevertheless”. You know what other word I love? “notwithstanding”. Anyway, I digress…) I owe it to Scott Colbert and Bandersnatch Books to keep this updated regularly if nothing else.

There were some changes over at Bandersnatch, so my workload has changed a bit as well. I designed a new logo, which, not gonna lie, I’m not happy with. Scott IS happy with it however, so that’s all that counts. I think the reason I don’t like it is that I’m not used to doing “bare minimum” drawings. Logos are so precise and “simple” compared to the nit-picky, pain-stakingly detailed drawings I usually do. Plus it looks like a hand drawn logo to me (which I guess it is haha) but Scott assures me they are going to run it through photo-shop and give it a clean, professional, look so I actually do look forward to seeing the finished product! Here’s a peek at the final drawing as well as some concept ideas we originally toyed around with:

Right now, however, I am working on the cover to TM Wright’s book “The People on the Island”. It’s my first cover so I’m a little nervous (as well as confused haha) but aparently my concepts are going over well and essentially it is coming along nicely. I will save some of the concept art to post later for both initive to you to check back to my blog but also for me to update this damned thing next week maybe!

Also, next up in Pin-Up news… I kept thinking what I wanted to do for the next in my sexy-twisted-fairytale series. I have Alice in Wonderland and Little Miss Muffet as you know (and if you don’t, check out my first blog post), and was thinking of doing a Little Red Riding Hood one next, however an episode of “Glee” and a certain “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” song gave me inspiration to do a sexy Dorothy and “Wizard of Oz” next (when my life and schedule allows!). I know I could rock her some sexy ruby slippers (read: shiny red stripper shoes) and the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin-Man are open to a creepy/bizzare Noah make-over! So stay tuned for the next couple of month as I’d like to get started on a sexy girl picture just to keep my brain happy!

be kind to others everyone!