Happy Friday with a few DC Girls

Happy Friday everyone!

I’m not having the best day at work today… I wish I could take more time and perfect this thing they call “a blog”, but alas, it may have to wait until Monday.  Insert sad face HERE –>

However! All is not lost!  This last Wednesday was what I affectionately refer to as New Comic Book Wednesday (new movies come out on Fridays, new DVD rentals come out on Tuesdays, and new comic books on Wednesdays!) and the current 2 I must have each month are both released on the last Wed. of each month:  Wonder Woman & Gotham City Sirens (starring Catwoman, Poison Ivy, and Harley Quinn)!  The Comic Books Gods must be smiling on me, because this summer DC announced the return of  Birds of Prey (written by Gail Simone and starring my favorites Black Canary, Huntress, Lady Blackhawk, and Oracle/Barbara Gordon/Batgirl) and a BRAND NEW SERIES Zatanna!!!

Zatanna has always been one of my favorite heroines.  She has a rich history with the DC Universe and the Justice League but rarely gets much play.  I’m sure her recent cameos in Smallville helped launch this series.  But anyway, she is a powerful magician who casts spells by speaking backwards.  Plus she wears fishnets.  FISHNETS!!!

Below are two pictures I drew and colored VERY quickly (mostly because I wanted to post something new today).  The first is the aforementioned Zatanna, the other Wonder Woman verses her arch nemisis Cheetah.

I’ll be having a conversation with Scott from Bandersnatch books tomorrow.  I’ll give you all an update of our conversation Monday and if you are all lucky (lol) maybe some sketches of some ideas for the signature sheet that is included with the pre-order of Dead West.

Have a safe weekend!


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