1 down, 13 to go!!!

Hey everyone!!!

Well, I’m excited to announce that my very first project for Bandersnatch Books’ “Dead West Anthology” has been completed and is in the mail to the publisher!  The “Dead West Anthology” is a collection of 13 short stories by an eclectic and talented bunch of authors in the Horror-Western genre.  Those who are smart enough to pre-order a copy ( http://bandersnatchbooks.com/banderblog/ hint, hint), will receive a special signature sheet featuring my artwork AND hand-signed signatures from all 13 authors, the publisher, and myself!!! Can’t wait to see what it will look like and who is featured in the anthology?  Wait no further!  Take a look:

Dead West Signature Sheet

Now I will begin work on 13 illustrations to correspond with the 13 stories to be featured in the anthology!  I’m really, REALLY excited to start drawing.  This will really give me a chance to spread my creative wings and I couldn’t be more pleased for this anthology to be the first to publish some of my work!  I won’t give too much away (in case the authors want to keep their stories a suprise), but look forward to seeing stories and illustrations featuring gunslingers, demons, ghosts, and even a succubus!!!

Stay tuned for details (and maybe even a preview or two!!!)


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