The People on the Island and the Land of OZ

Why does it seem I start out every blog post with an apology? I recently told someone “you apologize too much” and here I go doing the same thing! But I feel it’s true, I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog in a very VERY long time. I know I don’t exactly have any “fans” or followers of my work yet so to speak, but nevertheless (*random note: I love the work “nevertheless”. You know what other word I love? “notwithstanding”. Anyway, I digress…) I owe it to Scott Colbert and Bandersnatch Books to keep this updated regularly if nothing else.

There were some changes over at Bandersnatch, so my workload has changed a bit as well. I designed a new logo, which, not gonna lie, I’m not happy with. Scott IS happy with it however, so that’s all that counts. I think the reason I don’t like it is that I’m not used to doing “bare minimum” drawings. Logos are so precise and “simple” compared to the nit-picky, pain-stakingly detailed drawings I usually do. Plus it looks like a hand drawn logo to me (which I guess it is haha) but Scott assures me they are going to run it through photo-shop and give it a clean, professional, look so I actually do look forward to seeing the finished product! Here’s a peek at the final drawing as well as some concept ideas we originally toyed around with:

Right now, however, I am working on the cover to TM Wright’s book “The People on the Island”. It’s my first cover so I’m a little nervous (as well as confused haha) but aparently my concepts are going over well and essentially it is coming along nicely. I will save some of the concept art to post later for both initive to you to check back to my blog but also for me to update this damned thing next week maybe!

Also, next up in Pin-Up news… I kept thinking what I wanted to do for the next in my sexy-twisted-fairytale series. I have Alice in Wonderland and Little Miss Muffet as you know (and if you don’t, check out my first blog post), and was thinking of doing a Little Red Riding Hood one next, however an episode of “Glee” and a certain “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” song gave me inspiration to do a sexy Dorothy and “Wizard of Oz” next (when my life and schedule allows!). I know I could rock her some sexy ruby slippers (read: shiny red stripper shoes) and the Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin-Man are open to a creepy/bizzare Noah make-over! So stay tuned for the next couple of month as I’d like to get started on a sexy girl picture just to keep my brain happy!

be kind to others everyone!


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