I’m not bad… I just draw that way!!!

So, I’m pretty much a social networking site whore.  Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Formspring… I don’t care, I put out haha.  A few months ago the “thing” to do on Facebook was change your profile picture to a “Disney” character you like best/most represents you for “Disney Month”.  Well, as you may probably know by now I have a thing for busty women and Jessica Rabbit is HANDS DOWN my favorite cartoon character ever!  If I ever see a piece of Jessica Rabbit merchadise I snatch it up!  So it seemed only fitting that I change my picture on Facebook to her! (now, I know some of you will say “but she’s not Disney!”… but YES, she’s HALF Disney -which is also why its tough to find JR merchandise because Disney and WB fight over the rights. Anyway, I digress…)  I found a great classic picture of her aiming a gun at the viewer with her famous line “I’m not bad, I’m just drawn that way” that was too good to pass up!  Plus I do relate to her in that fact that I am often pre-judged on my outward appearance. 

Matthew, a nice cutie from my home town of Mason City messaged me and told me how much he, too, liked Jessica Rabbit and if I would draw him a picture of her!  I was flattered and excited to draw her, so of course I said yes!  Unfortunately, this was around the same time I started illustrating for Bandersnatch Books so I got busy and didn’t get started on it for quite some time. 

Well, I finally made good on my promise and drew him a KICK-ASS Jessica Rabbit pin-up!  I sent it to him to make sure he got the first look at it and asked if he would care if I posted it to my blog.  So, low and behold:

Speaking of Bandersnatch Books, head over to their website:  http://bandersnatchbooks.com/bandersnatch/  They posted news about what will be my first “official” release!  I drew an illustration for T.M. Wright’s “The People on the Island”.  It is a HUGE honor for me to illustrate such a talented and legendary horror author like Mr. Wright’s work.  So please, go check it out and see a sneak peak of my drawing!  I’ll double check with Scott to be sure it’s okay, but I’ll post the illustration here as well in the near future!!!



One Response to “I’m not bad… I just draw that way!!!”

  1. i never realized how talented you are till i saw this illustration in person. you’re an amazing artist. i hope to see more of your art work in the future.

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