My First Published Illustration! “The People on the Island”

I think this is perhaps going to be the highlight of my blog as I’m proud to plug what will soon be my first official published illustration!  As some of you may know, I have recently been blessed with the opportunity to be part of a ground-breaking team of horror and genre writers, artists, editors and designers that make up Bandersnatch Books.  “Alternative though, alternative fiction” is our tag-line.  I’m not only blessed to be a part of their team, but blessed with their friendship as well.

“The People on the Island” will be the first official release from the new & impoved Bandersnatch Books.  The author, T.M. Wright, has been in the business for over 40 years.  His resume is extensive, but has been reviewed by Fangoria magazine and even Stephen King, quite arguably the MASTER author of horror, said “T.M. Wright is a rare and blazing talent”.  The synopsis of “The People on the Island” is as follows:

George and Elizabeth live alone on an island surrounded by the dead.  Someone or something rearranges the bodies into different positions and try as they might, can never catch whatever it is in the act. Perhaps it’s the wind, or maybe it’s the dog-like creature they hear at night.  One thing seems certain, they’re not alone anymore…

To say it is an honor to illustrate Mr. Wright’s work is a gross understatement and I am still shaking my head in disbelief wondering if this is just a dream from which I will soon awake.  I did a lot of concept work for both the illustration and the cover and both final products are fantastic!  I’m simply an illustrator… I don’t know the first thing about graphic design or digital art, but thank Galileo someone on the Bandersnatch Team, Jeremiah Saint, does and was able to produce an ominous yet elegant cover (for more on Jeremiah Saint  When the reader opens the book to begin reading the story they will first be greeted by my disturbing and creepy illustration.  So, without further adieu, here is the illustration!

For those of you interested, here is the concept art (from most recent to initial sketches) that lead up to the final illustration:

For more information on Bandersnatch Books check out and check back to the website for pre-order information (coming soon).  And a huge heart-felt thank you to Scott Colbert, Andrew Wolter, Daniel I. Russell, and Kody Boyle for allowing me to be a part of their team!



One Response to “My First Published Illustration! “The People on the Island””

  1. Congratulations, Noah! You did a fantastic job on the illustration and I am in awe of the detail! You truly are a great artist and I’m glad you are part of the Bandersnatch team!

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